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Environmental Stewardship Center: An exciting community concept.

We at the Fountain Creek Foundation know from research and personal observation that children and families are increasingly disconnected from our natural environment. This is because children and their families spend so little time out-of- doors. As a consequence, our environment is being degraded and at risk. Our national, state and local environmental policies are not founded on personal experience or knowledge with nature. Our political, corporate and personal attitudes and choices are proving to be dangerously unsustainable.

The board of directors and volunteers at the foundation support the concept of Environmental Stewardship Centers. This concept was presented to us by landscape architect Kevin Shanks and we fully endorse these centers as a way to educate and connect children and families to our natural environment.

Environmental stewardship is the principle we choose for careful and responsible use and management of air, land and water to protect and promote healthy ecosystems now and in the future.


The Fountain Creek Foundation has an open dialog with property owners, stakeholders, educators, politicians, government agencies and others about creating an Environmental Stewardship Center along the Fountain Creek watershed. We will keep our website updated as this concept progresses.



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