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Roger Williams


The Fountain Creek Foundation,

a 501c3 non-profit, exists to encourage and promote environmental and generational stewardship of the Fountain Creek. The Foundation is a united and neutral voice with a transparent process for Fountain Creek, drawing attention to the Creek’s important contributions and risks to urban and rural Southeastern Colorado.


We, the Foundation, work to promote and help finance educational, recreational and economic opportunities all along the waterway. The Foundation’s mission is primarily carried out through fund-raising, the Internet, public programs, media, partnerships, eco-tourism and distribution of literature and construction of facilities.


1. Environmental and Generational Stewardship means to take ownership and responsibility

to manage the Fountain Creek resource in a healthy condition for perpetuity.


2. United and Neutral Voice of Fountain Creek means the Foundation champions only the Creek. The Foundation Board will be vigilant to start and stay neutral, while maintaining complete transparency. The Board will only recognize policies, procedures and legislation that positively contribute to the health of the Creek Corridor.


3. Transparent means the Foundation will be very visible and deliberate in the execution of the mission. The Board will be very open and forth-right in managing the activities of the Foundation.


4. Contributions means the historical significance of the waterway to multiple cultures, including the importance of a healthy environment for humans, animals and plants. It also recognizes opportunities for expanded contributions in recreation, learning and community partnerships that have yet to be fully realized.


5. Risks include the loss of a major natural resource, flooding, erosion and contamination.


6. Urban & Rural means universally important and appealing to every family within the watershed.


7. Encourage & Promote means the Foundation will apply social, classroom, political and media muscle to achieve the stewardship mission.


8. Promote & Help Finance means the Foundation will take a lead role in procuring financial resources to achieve the stewardship mission. This will include resources to be used in construction, management and education for perpetuity.